RN, Medical Surgical Unit (Night Shift)

Job Title

Registered Nurse Med Surg Unit

Job Description

Carries out established nursing procedures and the nursing process for assigned patients on the Medical-Surgical Unit ranging in age from pediatrics to geriatrics. Responsible for the delivery of patient care that promotes safety and well being of all patients on the assigned unit. Plans, directs, coordinates and evaluates the clinical nursing practice of the assigned patients. Participates in the development and implementation of hospital policies and procedures. Maintains open communication with all staff to promote improvement in performance.

Basic Qualifications

Active State of Louisiana RN Licensure or Temporary Permit required.
Valid CPR certification required.
Must have visual and auditory skills, be able to read and speak English, distinguish colors, be able to pull up or reposition patients, lift supplies, place equipment on supports, and perform external cardiac compressions.
Requires prolonged periods of walking, standing and/or sitting, bending, stooping, kneeling, pushing and pulling with hands and using fingers respectively.
A significant amount of writing is required.
Must be able to work at a personal computer or computer terminal.
Must be able to work week-ends and holidays, 12-hour shifts.

Other Duties

This position is Night Shift.